Friday, August 29, 2008

Smell My Feet

This was a fun stitch, it is from the JCS Halloween Edition 08. The designer is La D Da. I am not quite sure if I want to add the tassels like the project in the magazine. I did use havana linen, even though I prefer to stitch on lugana or jobelan. But I do like the color of this fabric.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Lizzie Kate SAL Santa '02

I just need to add the buttons, I will then make this into a cube. I have also been working another Lizzie Kate Santa and will post that later today. Have to take the puppy to have her nails clipped.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A recent finish, Lizzie Kate

I love my coffee!!!

This sits on my kitchen window sill.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How about this sunset?

This was the sunset last night, the view is from my back patio. What a pretty night.

Thanks Connie

I would like to thank Connie for giving me this award. I really need to become more comfortable adding links so bear with me. Thanks again. The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated.

I love to read a lot of blogs, so here are just a few.

Thanks again Connie.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My monster march

I have been working on The Monster March from Glendon Place while watching the Olympics. It was a fun stitch in just the three colors. I used Colorscapes VooDoo.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I really do need to update more often. I have signed up for a couple of exchanges, so I will be busy. Currently I am working on Let's do the Monster March by Glendon Place. I am enjoying stitching this while watching/listening to the Olympics.

An update on my puppy, she has finished all her meds and is doing real well. We have been attempting to train loose leash walking, she is so smart. She picks up new things very quickly.

I finished this cute freebie the other day. The edge has some beads that I had left over from a previous project.

Some stitching