Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I really do need to update more often. I have signed up for a couple of exchanges, so I will be busy. Currently I am working on Let's do the Monster March by Glendon Place. I am enjoying stitching this while watching/listening to the Olympics.

An update on my puppy, she has finished all her meds and is doing real well. We have been attempting to train loose leash walking, she is so smart. She picks up new things very quickly.

I finished this cute freebie the other day. The edge has some beads that I had left over from a previous project.


Laurel's stitching said...

Yes you really need to update! lol Thanks for the link ...I hope I find some fish things there. I do love the rabbit stitch. One of these days I am going to do a few Easter things and that rabbit is on my list. have a great day stitching huggerz laurel

Raggedy Ann said...

What a cute bunny! I would love to know where you found this freebie?
Love your blog!,
Louise in NC

Lelia said...

Oh, what a darling rabbit! Are you willing to share a link? I'd love to stitch it, too : )

leliaevelyn at gmail dot

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