Monday, November 10, 2008

My Funky Flamingo

I bought this canvas called the Funky Flamingo, I am having so much fun working on it. It is fun because of the different stitches that can be used to create it. I have also been busy working on xmas and exchange gifts that I cannot show right now.


Louisiana Momma said...

strangely enough - needlepoint canvas like that I have never done.. I look at it in the craft stores wondering if I dare take on another form of needleworking and all the stash buying it requires :-) I want to see the finished product - and how you decide to finish it,..looks great already..

Ennii said...

Grate flamingo!

Raggedy Ann said...

wow! this is coming along beautifully!!!

You had asked on my blog about my felt calls for wool felt..but I used plain old felt from Michaels craft store...

hope this helps!

have a great sunday!
Louise in NC

Some stitching